Technical Info

  • ROXX Panel Size

  • Nothing but the straight facts

    ROXX Stone Technology offers the benefit of:

    • Unsurpassed beauty, feel and performance of stone
    • Natural product – The ROXX surface is approximately
    • 90% natural granite and stone
    • Large sheet format for installation ease and design flexibility
    • Enduring the demands of hard-wearing and high traffic areas
    • Integrated interior designs – walls, floors, work tops and even furniture
    • Applying to curved surfaces, yes it’s flexible!
    • Light weight at only 13.5kgs per m2
    • Localised colour schemes for contemporary tones and textures
    • Easy to care and maintain surface
    • Endless design possibilities
    • Made from granite and stone, two of the hardest’s stones known to man
    • 10 year limited warranty
    • Supported by qualified, trained and certified fabricators


  • SupaLite Quote Request

    SupaLite Quote Request

  • Work Top Specifications

    Work Top Specifications
    How to specify ROXX Work Tops

  • Walls Specifications

    Walls Specifications
    How to specify ROXX Walls

  • Flooring Specification Guidelines ver 1.0

    Flooring Specification Guidelines

  • Standard Warranty

    ROXX Standard Warranty

  • MSDS- Panels

    MSDS- Panels
    Material Safety Data Sheet
    ROXX stone panel

  • MSDS- Pigments

    MSDS- Pigments
    Material Safety Data Sheet
    ROXX stone panel

  • Performance Specifications ver 4.0

    Performance Specifications / ASTM and NZS Test Results

  • ROXXCareguide 181115

    ROXX Care Guidelines

  • Colour Suggestions

    Colour Suggestions
    Suggested paint colours to compliment ROXX