Shower & Vanity Splashbacks

  • Protect & Beautify

    ROXX Splashbacks, made from ROXX Stone, are a lightweight non-porous surface that can be quickly and easily adhered to most walls to instantly create an easy-clean grout free, streak free non-porous surface, that both protects and beautifies.

    Simple installation
    Full installation instructions are supplied so that the DIY renovator or trade-person can easily do the installation.

    Solid performers
    The ROXX surface is made from quartz and granite making it hard wearing, easy clean, stain and scratch resistant.

    Shower Splashbacks
    Shower Splashbacks are supplied 2100mm x 1200mm and can easily be cut down to fit your shower space. All you need is a diamond tip disc or blade for an angle grinder or skilsaw (available from most DIY store). They can also be used as bathroom feature walls around baths and vanity units.

    Vanity Splashbacks
    Available in three standard sizes (900mm, 1200mm or 1500mm x 200mm) or custom sizes available on order – up to a maximum of 3000mm x 1440mmm

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    Download ROXX Bathroom Brochure (1.07 MB)

    Download Bathroom Catalogue (2.26 MB)

Let your inner designer play with the ROXX range of fashion colours and add that extra touch to your shower or vanity.

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