What is ROXX Engineered Stone?

  • Durable, Lightweight, Flexible
    Engineered stone is a collection of natural minerals combined with resin binders. These ingredients are combined and cast in a curing process (sometimes referred to as a re-engineering process) to create sheets of stone. The finished material offers the strength and durability of its natural elements, plus it is lighter, nonporous and with ROXX only, it is pliable.

    Not all stones are equal
    Not all engineered stones are the same. Quality and performance vary depending on the standard of raw materials and the processes used in manufacture.
    Independent industry professionals testify that ROXX has the highest sheen of all engineered stone – giving it the best looking and hardest working surface.
    Naked ROXX Stone panels are manufactured in New Zealand in accordance with strict QA processes using quality raw materials sourced internationally and domestically.
    ROXX SupaLite™ is created in both Australia and New Zealand and our benchtops are fabricated and installed by quality fabrication teams to create the stylish premium look, and performance, that is ROXX.

    Applications for ROXX include: Benchtops, Bathroom Linings, Work Tops, Walls, Floors & Furniture

  • ROXX SupaLite
    Completely waterproof and lightweight, SupaLite™ has revolutionised benchtop function, design, and installation. Traditionally engineered stone benchtops were built on MDF or plywood substrates. These substrates don’t handle water well and even the slightest unsealed edge can lead to substrate swelling and the eventual failure of an entire top, damaging cabinetry as well.
    By laminating ROXX Stone with a high density PVC we’ve removed the need for a separate substrate.
    This same PVC product has a long history of demonstrated use in the building industry, particularly in boat building where it is used to fabricate lightweight waterproof cabinetry.
    ROXX SupaLite™ is an engineered stone benchtop that is 100% waterproof, lighter than other benchtops and incredibly cost effective – making stunning designs achievable in most kitchens.