Can ROXX be scratched?

A: It is difficult, but can be done with effort! ROXX is made from quartz and granite which are two of the hardest most resilient and durable natural materials on earth.

Does ROXX stain?

A: ROXX is highly resistant to staining. It is unaffected by most household chemicals. However like all natural stones care should be taken with strong bleaches, paint strippers and oven cleaners.

Is ROXX heat resistant?

A: Yes, however like all surfaces we recommend that a heat pad is always used.

How do I care for ROXX?

A: ROXX is a low maintenance surface which requires the same care as other stone surfaces.
Refer to the Care & Maintenance Guide for more details.

Will my ROXX match my sample?

A: Natural stones can vary slightly from the samples in both texture and colour.

Who quotes and installs ROXX?

A: Contact your local distributor for a certified fabricator and installer.

What warranty does ROXX have?

A: The ROXX panel comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

How is ROXX reducing its environmental impact?


  • The technology used in ROXX means ROXX uses approximately 60% less resources than 20mm engineered stone
  • ROXX uses granites from the trailing’s (rubble waste) of the granite mines
  • ROXX is approximately 1/3rd the weight of 20mm stone, and thus is more environmentally friendly to transport
  • All water used to manufacture ROXX is recycled
  • Stone waste from manufacturing is suitable for use in fertilizer
  • ROXX is manufactured in New Zealand where the majority of electricity comes from sustainable sources