Grey Mountain


  • Black as night surface with a fine texture.  
    This fine black quartz mysteriously evokes a sense of potential and possibility


    Code: AT050
    Primary Aggregate: Quartz
    Secondary Aggregate: Crushed glass chips
    Aggregate Colour: Translucent Milky White
    Colour: Speckled grey with dark grey accents
    Finish: High Gloss
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    Looking for Inspiration

    Here are some great complimentary colour suggestions from our friends at Resene


    ‘Nice and Neutral’
    Walls Trim & Joinery Ceiling Accents
    Resene Joanna
    Resene Alabaster
    Resene Alabaster
    Resene Half Grey Olive
    ‘Middle of the Road’
    Walls Trim & Joinery Ceiling Accents
    Resene Tea
    Resene Half Black White
    Resene Half Black White
    Resene Ming
    ‘For Colour Lovers’
    Walls Trim & Joinery Ceiling Accents
    Resene Delta
    Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta
    Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta
    Resene Monza

    pdf_small Colour Suggestions (PDF 3.3MB)Please download this document to see more colour suggestions for paint colours to compliment ROXX

    REMEMBER: ROXX is a natural product incorporating the latest technologies. As natural stone forms the basis of ROXX slight variations in colour and structure may occur between samples. Off colour particulates or irregular aggregate distribution of small areas will occur in the surface of engineered stones. This is considered a natural characteristic of the surface.